Dusting Tips

5 Great Dusting Tips

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Dusting Tips

It’s finally here! Spring has arrived in St. Louis.

The temps are rising, the birds are singing, the baby bunnies are hopping around in my yard. But with Spring comes a whole new set of challenges.

Muddy paw prints and shoe prints from the many days of rain. Dust collecting on my surfaces, since we have the windows open more.

Electronics are magnets for dust! My house needs some love, attention and Spring Cleaning. I have an arsenal of wonderful cleaning products but my favorite is actually Pledge® Orange Clean Furniture Spray.

Dusting doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s something that doesn’t have to take much time at all, and can be kept up with fairly easily if you just use some helpful tips.

And it really all starts with something as simple as a good Furniture Spray, which you can find at any Walmart down the cleaning product aisle.

Like I said, I really like Pledge® Furniture Spray because it features Allergen Trappers® to reduce dust and up to 90% of the allergens found in dust.

Here are a few other tips

directional dusting

1. Dust in the correct direction.

Dust falls, from top to bottom. When you begin dusting, start with the highest surfaces – the tops of cabinets, bookshelves, furniture, etc.

If you work your way down, the dust is falling to the ground, which you can then vacuum and won’t accumulate on surfaces you have already cleaned.

microfiber cloths

2. Use a good furniture spray and Microfiber when possible.

Microfiber clothes are made to attract and grab dust, are super absorbent and leave no streaks or dust behind. They grab the dust instead of just pushing it around.

extension pole microfiber cloth

3. Get your fan blades clean.

To dust fan blades, place a pillowcase over the blade and pull in one direction to wipe away the dust and have it all trapped and stored in the pillowcase. You can also use an extension duster, which is the method I prefer. I spray a bit of furniture spray on the duster head to make sure I get the optimum dusting.

4. Dusting electronics – get them all.

Electronics attract dust. TV’s, Game Console’s, Digital Cable Boxes, Radio’s, Laptops, Computers. It all just screams, dust come find me. It’s fairly easy to clean electronics by simply unplugging the device, spraying some furniture spray right onto a cloth and wiping it down. You really should never spray anything right on the surface of an electronic.

broom dust

5. Don’t forget the corners of the rooms.

To get corners of your bedroom and ceilings, place a cloth over the end of a broom, spray with some furniture spray and voila, remove the dust! It helps it stick to the cloth, so it’s easy to do. There are also corner tools available – I really love this one.

Here’s a little sneak peek at my own spring cleaning that has been happening.

So my shelves are a little dusty.

very dusty

I used my furniture spray to get them shiny and beautiful.

This shot is during the cleaning.

You can see that beautiful shine on the right where I’ve wiped already!

before and after dusting

All done. Look at that shine! I wish you could smell it too! It’s so pleasant and fresh smelling. We love it!

after dusting

Do you have any great dusting tips? Please leave them in the comments below!

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